August 14, 2020


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Coronavirus Drugs That Has 100% Success Has Been Produced.

A coronavirus drugs with a 100% cure success has been produced by Israel, on which the drugs was tested on patients that had the symptoms of Covid-19 in the United State of America (USA).

It was confirmed that about seven patients that had the symptoms of coronavirus like the very high respiratory fairlure took the drugs and survived.

With the compensation of the use plan, the coronavirus patients were allowed to receive treatment and demonstrate respiratory failure that needed incubation at the ICU.

About four (4) of the patients had multiple system failure in the organs like kidney and heart failure.

The seven patients went on therapy with (PXL) allogeneic expanded placental cells which is from pluristem. In essence the cells can potentially reverse the immune systems overaction that causes the death of the patients affected with covid-19.

The pluristem uses a denoted placemtas of a pregnant woman under 35 years undergoing an elective caesarean section at the delivery of stable, full-term infants.


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