August 12, 2020


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WhatsApp Hacking 2020



💗 ɪn this tutorial, we will show you how a WhatsApp account can be hacked through Mac spoofing attack. Below are the requirements for this tutorial:

⚠️ 1. A  rooted mobile phone.

⚠️ 2. Try and target the person’s phone for about 5 minutes.

⚠️ 3. Install busybox and terminal app on your android device.

⚠️ 4. WiFi scanner ( if you can’t reach the target’s phone for getting his / her Mac address through settings )


Now concentrate on the tutorial below:

✨1. Make sure you uninstall WhatsApp from your android phone or device. Then try and install it again at the end of this method, but you will need to configure it differently, and in order to make it easy for you, and also be able to do that correctly that means you will now uninstall it completely.

✨2. Try and obtain your target’s phone because you will still need it in two different steps throughout the process, but it should not take too long to do so, try as much as possible to return the target’s phone before the target will start looking for his / her phone.

✨ 3.make sure you find your target’s phone’s Media Access Control ( MAC) address. A Mac address is a unique identifier assigned to your mobile phone or any other devices that essentially serves as its online identity.  After you must have find out your target’s MAC address, don’t forget to write the MAC address down on any piece of paper, the MAC address takes the form of six (6) pairs of letters or numbers that are separated by colons, for example : (01:23:45:67:89:ᴀʙ).

On any android device: In order to find this, go to settings → about phone / device →status→ WI-FI Mac address.

On any iPhone:  in order to find the Mac address, go to settings → general →about→ WiFi address.

On any windows phone: in order the find the address, just look in settings — about — more info — Mac address then you will see it.

On a blackberry: simply go to option →device →device and status info → WLAN MAC and you will see the address.

✨ 4. Find and get your Mac address on any device by making use of any of the above instructions. Make sure you save the address on a secure place because you will still change your device back to that same address when you are through.

✨ 5. Change (“sᴘᴏᴏғ”) your phone Mac address to That of your target.  This will allow your phone to automatically pass to your target’s,  in order to convince WhatsApp that you are your target whenever you login on your iPhone or any other device,  install a Mac spoofing App like Macdaddy or WiFi spoof.  Use that to change your Mac address on android,  go to google play store and install busybox and the terminal emulator for free. In the terminal type ” IP links show” to be able to see a list of interfaces, identify the one that has your Mac address  — we will then use the eth0  interface for this example, in the terminal emulator, enter the “IP link set eth0 address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx” and “IP link set eth0 broadcast xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”, where the eth0 is the interface ʏᴏᴜ identified and xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is just your target’s Mac address. In order to check whether you have have successfully changed your Mac address, enter “IP Link show eth0”.

✨ 6. Install and configure WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Enter your target’s phone number to set up WhatsApp account instead of your own account. This will automatically allow you to be sending and receiving messages from the WhatsApp accounts of your targets.

✨ 7. Make sure you get a confirmation code from your target’s phone, this code will be sent to their phone number as part of the WhatsApp configuration process. Access their phone one last time and get the verification code, enter the code on the WhatsApp on your phone when necessary, right now you are much good to go. If you don’t want your target to find out about your spoofing, just make you delete the confirmation code from their before they see it.

✨ 8. Whenever you feel like not to access your target’s WhatsApp account, simply change your Mac address to its original form, ( I mean to change it to what it was before) also repeat the instructions to change the address, but this time try and change it to your original Mac address rather than your target’s. This will automatically restore your phone to its original form. ️

Note:  if you cannot reach the the target’s phone to get his / her Mac address you can use a WiFi scanner.

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