August 14, 2020


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All You Should Know About Truecaller

Privacy concerns have trailed truecaller in recent times. There has been a debate on whether or not it is safe to install or use the app.

The truth is, truecaller defiles privacy of data in great proportion. However, it is a very useful tool to protect yourself from scammers.

In this post, I will discuss how you can effectively protect yourself from scammers using truecaller.

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How truecaller works

When you install the app, it copies all the contacts in your phone with the names you stored them.

This means that even if you don’t have the app in your phone, chances are that truecaller may already have your data they copied from a user who you might even barely know.

When you call someone who has the app, your name, as it appear on the app’s data base, will display on his screen. So the app will still obtain your data even if you don’t use it.

What should you do then? Well the best thing to do is to sign up for the app and enter the data as you would want it to appear by yourself.

How Truecaller protect you from scammers

The good thing about truecaller is that it allows users to mark or categorize callers according to who they are.

You can mark or label callers as scam, business or any other thing. So when you receive spam call or message, you can easily spot them.

In this era when SIM registration is compulsory in almost every country of the world, chances are, scammers now use a particular sim for relatively longer period or for several scam deals.

So your caller might have been labeled thereby making it easy for you to know the kind of calls you’re receiving.

Sometimes scammers impersonate the opposite sex and use “voice changer”. With the help of truecaller, you can easily spot this too. You can also blacklist callers if you wish.

In conclusion, truecaller is a great tool to protect yourself from scammers. All you need is to install the app, sign up and leave your data or Wi-Fi always open.

Try as much as you can to rate/mark/label your calls in order to help others and yourself too.

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