August 14, 2020


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How To Password Protect Whatsapp On Android Phones

It is worth knowing that almost every android user has whatsapp on his/her smartphone, but not everyone knows how to protect their whatsapp. Below are steps on how to protect your whatsapp.

1. How to Password Your Whatsapp

We all know that whatsapp has no password. However, we have figured out ways you can password your whatsapp and protect your whatsapp from unauthorized access.

It is simple and easy. you just need to launch your phone master and select device lock. then set your password or fingerprint and you will automatically save your privacy from invasion.

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2. Whatsapp Two-Step Verification System

Hackers from accessing your whatsapp line.
Your Whatsapp number is at risk of being hacked if you don’t adopt whatsapp two-step verification system and you know the risk associated with a hacker hacking your whatsapp.

Among the risks are; the hacker would will now possess your whatsapp number, your whatsapp number could be used to commit crime, post nude pictures, fake news, promote or advertise illegal drugs, illegal businesses, and lots more.

There are many risks involved. You simply have to activate whatsapp two-step verification system to stay safe.

It is simple and easy to do.

  • Launch your whatsapp application
  • Click on the three vertical dots to the top right of your phone screen
  • Select settings
  • Select account
  • Select privacy
  • Select Two-Step Verification
  • Click enable and add your email address.
  • Choose PIN

Now you’re good to go. You are free to disable this feature anytime any where.

However, in my opinion I will advice that you should never disable it but be careful with your PIN.

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