August 12, 2020


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Jennifer Lopez Fans Caprice a mysterious Mask Man In Her Background Selfie

Jennifer Lopez on a faithful day just feel like to take a mirror selfie at her home gym to see her new fit figure.

But Jennifer Lopez Instagram fans that has a very sharp eye sighted something in the photo: a man that wore mask hiding behind her back in the background of her mirror selfie.

Some of her instagram-followers joked that the looked like a 50 years – old man and also that Jennifer Lopez was holding the man hostage in her room.

Jennifer look good in the picture in which she wore sports sleeveless that look like bra.

Beside from all the gym equipments in her room, her fans still recognize the presence of a masked mysterious man hiding in the background, one of her user was desperate to know why the mask man was hiding in the background, I know some people will not see the man in the selfie, just look straight through her right shoulder, anyway this picture below

The man who had a face mask on his nose at Jennifer Lopez’s selfie seems to have a bald head.

Right inside the picture, it was as if he is peeping through the cotton and also hiding his face before the capture.

Below are the reactions and comments by Jennifer Lopez Instagram fans.

Many of her fans are curious asking Jennifer who the man was, though the camera did not capture him very well for easy identification.

Jennifer Lopez was busy deleting some of the reactions and comments about the masked man in her selfie background.

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