July 6, 2020


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Apple Company Announced At WWDC: iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur.

Apple came up with huge number for announcements at WWDC of their new improvement in their products such as iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur and many others, read on as we bring you more in details.

iOS 14

Apple officially flew with  announcement of the new iOS 14, which involved with many new features in the iPhone and iPad. The new iOS bring many new changes especially on the home screen.

iOS 14 is very organised because a new library App that contains other needful  icons was built, so you don’t keep all your App on your actual home screen and also a feature that sort applications is inniciated and many more features.

Widget for support is also on the home screen, so you can write on support using the available widget and also you can add your favorite widget like weather and many more.

iOS 14 also has a translator application, the translator application comprises both voice and text which is processed with a neural engine, this features can never send any of your information to Apple because it can work without Internet connection.

BMW car, the iOS 14 added support for Apple CarKey feature, but this CarKey feature will only work on the selected newer model of BMW cars, though Apple has plans to add this same feature to other car makers in the future.

The CarKey features will allow you to lock, unlock and start your car with your iPhone.

Another feature in the iOS 14 is App click, this App allows you to have access to any application without you downloading it from the App Store.

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A siri interface is redesigned which can not cover the entire and a new interface that doesn’t cover up the entire screen when there is an incoming call. There is also a feature that allowed you to search any emoji of your choice.

iPadOS 14

IPadOS 14 has the same features as iOS 14, which include widget and many more.

Music app is redesigned on iPadOS 14, the app can bring up the full screen lyrics etc and your library is very easy to access. Scribble is another feature that engaged on the ipadOS 14, it is basically for Apple pencil users, it will help you to write with your pencil on your IPad and it convert it automatically into text, and you can also draw shapes of different kinds with it

MacOS 11 Big Sur

The MacOS 11 Big Sur came with many changes and it was also redesigned in a way it has many features of the iOS and iPadOS.

There is a new menu that controls the notification centre. It has a new imessage and more wonderful search, a redesigned messages effects etc.

Seriously Apple is making a lot improvements which is making developers to bring iPad Apps to Mac.

There are many kinds of tools developers such as date pickers new controls for checkboxes etc.

MacOS 11 Big Sur is designed in such a way it can run on the Apple silicon. Apple also added a new version of Apple Maps application.

Safari also has a very important enhancements in the Big Sur, this include improvement in performance such as fast loading.

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