Tesla Unveils The Cybertruck Electric Pickup

The Cybertruck pick up is an electric car that does not make use of fuel to move but uses electricity, that means it is a rechargeable car.

The Cybertruck can travel over 500 miles in a single charge. The truck is made up from stainless steel alloy that is used for space’s rockets. The truck is bulletproof to a 9 millimeters handgun, it was launched yesterday at California, some experiments were also carried out on the the truck to know how hard its glass windows were, some metals like kitchen sink, etc was thrown on it but it did not break, but when a metal ball was thrown on the windows unfortunately it was smashed, so the designer have to work on the glass windows to be able to resist metal destruction.

A man hit the side of the Cybertruck with a heavy hammer but it did not damage the body of the truck, showing that the body can resist any metal destruction or bullet.

The Cybertruck pickup is now launched and also one of the three best selling vehicles models in Unites State Of America, and the Cybertruck will be released in the next two years, towards ending of 2021.

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