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The Story of my life 1 and 2


The next thing I knew, handcuffs were being placed on hands and I was being led away in a vehicle to the police station. I had no idea what I had done.

This is where my Story begins…

“Was wondering if we could go and sit somewhere and have breakfast”

Did she just say that or was I daydreaming?

Who would actually reject such an offer? I ordinarily would have wasted no time accepting but it wasn’t a good time. One, I had not taken my bath; and as if that was not enough, I had  no money on me. Who was going to pay for the breakfast?

“It’s better I come up with something before I end up disgracing myself.” I thought to myself.

As much as I wanted to go on the breakfast date with her, it was unfortunate I had to turn her down.

I wasn’t ready to go through that with Sheila. It was better I deceived her nicely than doing myself “one chance”.

As she went into her car, I waved at her and walked back to my apartment. Without even washing my hand, I spread open the paper in which my dundun was wrapped and got ready to face my combined breakfast and lunch.

Just as I was about to start eating, a knock came on the door. My heart started beating fast; that could be my landlord, coming for utility bills. But as I opened the door, there she was, Sheila. Apparently, she had followed me home. I didn’t even know what to say.

“I need a listening ear, Ben. Please just give me an hour of your time.” she said.

It was obvious that she was really going through some difficult times. I had no option than to let her in to my room. My room, another problem all together. I wasn’t prepared so you can imagine how disorganized the space looked. With my bedsheet lying on the half side of the bed and my dirty clothes lying all over, I felt really uncomfortable.

tomorrow?” I suggested.

“Don’t worry ok, I will call you.” She said and went into her car.

I could tell that she was really disappointed. But mehn, it was better that way. Wouldn’t be cool at all to have gone and embarrassed myself when it was time to pay.  I’m talking from experience. She may have been the one who invited me but I needed to go very prepared.

Unlike Zina, this yeye girl I met last month. I had budgeted for #10,000 for a date with her, – N2,000 for transportation; N3,000 for Juice and a plate of Rice for her, N2,000 for mine, leaving me N3,000 for my check out.

But guess what, I ended up buying two plates of rice, because she decided to come along with another glutton girlfriend of hers. That’s how I ended up penniless after the date.

I got surprised as she went straight for my bed, sat on it and made herself comfortable, like there was absolutely nothing wrong.

She really got my attention with that move. I quickly washed my hands so that I could attend to her.


To make matters worse, the room was a bit smelly, however, the aroma of my delicious “dundun” served as freshener.

“Oh Lord! What is this?!” I asked myself in frustration.

Paula stood face-to-face with Sheila. I had nothing to do with either of them but at that moment, I understood what if felt to be a cheating guy caught between two girlfriends… All hell will definitely break loose.

Without saying a word to Paula, Sheila stood up, took her handbag and said, “Ben, I will call you” and walked out. I could imagine how she was feeling. First, I denied her breakfast and when she took the pain of secretly following, there came in the devil incarnate Paula, who just destroyed all the “moves”.


With the way Paulina was crying, I knew Sheila would definitely think that she was my girlfriend.

“What are you doing here, Paula? I had a visitor. At least you could have called before coming” I said to her. I was really upset with her visit.

She just busted out in more tears, as if what I said made her cry. “Madam, don’t even bring that oo!” I told said under my breath, without her hearing me.

I hate to see ladies cry. It just weakens me, making me feel all emotional and concerned.

“It’s John, Ben. He slapped me” She said.

There she goes again! Do I even look like Counselor Lutterodt?!

But on a more serious note, I was pissed. A guy that’ll slap or even lay a finger on a lady is no man.

Even though I didn’t like her visit,  I was sensitive to her feelings at the moment and understood. I managed to console and make her feel a little better.

After about 30 minutes, she was good to go. I walked her to the roadside to board a cab back home.

As soon as she left, I saw four guys running towards me. They quickly bypassed me and went away. I didn’t know where they came from, where they were going or why they were running.

While I was still wondering what all that was about, I was grabbed from behind by Police.

“Finally, we’ve got you! Where are the others?” They asked.

I had no Idea what they were asking. I just stood there stupefied.

The next thing I knew, handcuffs were being placed on hands and I was being led away in a vehicle to the police station. I had no idea what I had done.

This is where my Story begins…

“Oh, hmm, I really would love to, but you see I have some urgent things I really need to attend to.” I said.

“Like finishing off the dun dun you just bought?” Sheila said.

“Oh come on, I have to attend a meeting. Anyway, how about we make it

Before I could open my mouth, another knock came from the door. OH MY GOD! If this  landlord man decided to show up at this time, that was some serious one-chance. So I prayed earnestly as I walked to get the door.

To my surprise, it was my crush Paula. “What the hell is she doing here at this time?!” I asked myself.

She stood there, right in front of my door, tears running down her cheeks. She just barged into my room as soon as I opened the door, not waiting for an invitation.



I tried asking for explanation but they never gave me the chance. I became scared.

I’m not a law breaker, just an ordinary boy who lives life by the day. As broke as I am, I enjoy the little freedom I have.

The freedom with which I go around hustling for money, the freedom that makes me see and talk to any girl I like.

Now this had all changed within a short time, by no fault of mine. With the handcuffs on my wrists, I tried reaching for my phone, I wanted to call someone who would follow up on me. The next thing I felt was a slap that made me hear ringing bells in my ear.

What did I do to deserve this? Even if I am a criminal, do I deserve this cruel treatment from someone whose job it is to enforce the law?

That was when I remembered my mother who passed away when I was 15 years. The memory got me crying all over again. I was weeping like a child. My mother always wanted to see me happy until she was diagnosed with cancer that quickly ravaged her system, leaving her to die barely two months after it was discovered.

My father, I only saw his picture. Mother never spoke of him or where he was. She never said whether he was alive or not. I didn’t even know if he really existed or if he was just a figment of my imagination. After my mom’s death, I lived with an elderly uncle until I raised some money to live on my own. Even though I had no job, I was enjoying life in my own way until this day misfortune decided to befall me without warning. I had never felt this helpless.

Sheila and her father apologized to me and invited me to their house.

However, her father kept asking Sheila of the whereabout of one Roland guy. I had no idea who that was but from the look on Sheila’s face, you could tell she didn’t want to talk about him.

We sat in her Father’s car as he drove us to his house. Sheila’s car was being driven by the family driver who had brought Sheila’s Father to the station.

“Sheila, why didn’t you tell Roland about this? Are you two not in good terms or something?” Sheila’s father asked again.


For a moment, I wished I was actually put behind bars. It would have been better than discovering and living with the fact that Sheila was married.

I mind my own business, and even though I’m jobless, I don’t go around extorting money from people. Application has become my daily diary, as I write to different companies, institution and what have, pretty much every day. I just wanted to get a job, to earn a decent living but all proved futile.

However, you can’t take away the fact that I’m a happy person. Despite the hardships and disappointments, I was always happy. That was something I didn’t need to money to buy or application to write.

sSeated at the back, I tuned out their conversation. Right now, I was only interested in enjoying the ride in this cool air-conditioned car with monitors behind the front seats showing music video clips. The seats of the vehicle was so foamy, way better than the tiny slim mattress I slept on.

Talking of my bed, hmmm that bed had really messed me up. I remember this one time I had this friend Debra over. She was just a friend and it was just a friendly visit, until we   became overwhelmed with lust and ended up having sex in my room.

That was where I noticed that my bed could really make “Choko-Choko” sounds anytime I banged. Thank God my landlord was not around, I bet he would have heard the funny noise coming from my bed.

If this car has seats like this, I can only imagine the kind of sofas there’ll be in Sheila’s father’s house. All this was going through my mind until I heard Sheila complaining bitterly about her husband.

I snapped back to the present and listened to the conversation between father and daughter. Apparently, Sheila was married to this Roland guy. My heart just broke, I couldn’t believe my hears.  I kept asking myself how come she wasn’t wearing a ring.

On this day though, I felt like my life was not worth living.

In no time, we arrived the station and I was led to the counter. To my surprise, Sheila  was there. She was standing right at the counter with her face buried in her hands.  She looked up and saw me and you could tell that she was very surprised to see me being brought in in handcuffs.

The officer who led the team that arrested him said to her “Madam, we were able to arrest one of them. We shall put him behind bars once we are done interrogating him”

“What are you talking about? I know this guy, as a matter of fact I was coming from his house when the robbers made away with my handbag, I saw them with my own eyes. There’s no way he could have been a part of that gang.” Sheila retorted.

Finally I was being redeemed. The policemen stood there and felt embarrassed after Sheila  made that statement. That was when I was given the chance to talk and to explain myself as a victim of circumstance.

I was immediately released, as per Sheila’s instructions. Apparently she was even more powerful and influential than I thought. Her father arrived just then. He came to the station as soon as Sheila called to report the incident. She quickly brought him up to speed and explained how that the police had arrested the wrong person.



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