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The Story of my life 13 and 14

“Yeah, sure.” Sheila answered.

“Hmmmn, you really don’t recognize me Sheila?”  The Doctor asked.

You can imagine the look on my face when she asked her that question. “Hold on, what’s going here? Do they know each other or what?” I wondered to myself.

“Not really. But I must say, you really look familiar.” Sheila said.

“Well, it’s understandable. We only met once, not even physically but on social media. I happened to check you out on facebook so I know your face pretty well.” Dr. Amina said.

Hmmmn, this sounds interesting. I relaxed in my bed, prepared to listen and watch what was going on.

“So, you’re my friend on Facebook?” Sheila asked.

“Oh, naa am not. Are you still going out with Roland?” She asked.

Roland’s name popped up here too?! Geez! this guy is everywhere.

“Yeah, how do you know him?” Sheila asked.

“Well, I remember sometime ago, he used me as his profile picture on whatsapp. Somehow you managed to trace my number and confronted me bitterly, warning me to stay away from your man.” Doc Amina said.

Oh Damn! I felt completely sick again. Could it be that Dr. Amina had something intimate with Roland too??? My heart broke all over again. This was too much for me.



Hold on, did you just hear that? “a gentle man like me”. Another tune popped up in my mind, “After the Reggae Play the Blues”

It was as if I had just won the ultimate prize in the “Who wants be a billionaire” TV show. However, before I could answer as her, she then placed her hand on my forehead to check my temperature. I didn’t know what came over me at that moment… I held her hand and there was this awkward silence.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I held her hand, neither of us blinking. Was there a connection or was it just my mind? Just then, Sheila barged into my ward, interrupting the whole vibe.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I held her hand, neither of us blinking. Was there a connection or was it just my mind? Just then, Sheila barged into my ward, interrupting the whole vibe.


“You must be Sheila.” Dr. Amina asked, turning to see the person who had walked in.

“Yes, yes Doctor, how is he? Sheila asked.

“Well, as you can see, he is improving. Let me allow you two talk. Miss Sheila, Please try and see me before you leave.” She said and left.

Even though Sheila was right beside me, I kept looking at my new found Doctor crush. Her legs were so lovely. Sheila even noticed and asked if I knew the doctor from somewhere.

pleasant to the eyes. Even though she wore the Doctor’s coat or whatever they call it, I could actually visualize how curvy her body was.

The next place I looked was her left finger, her ring finger. Bingo! There was no ring. She ain’t married either.

In my mind, I was dancing to this music “Oh Happy Day”. But come to think of it… This lady is a medical doctor and who am I? A High school graduate. I quickly dismissed the thought. That was not a problem at all. I figured I could continue with my schooling now that I knew my dad. Thankfully he is well-to-do and very capable of taking care of my education.

Dr. Simmons all of a sudden asked a weird question. “Mr. Ben, can you tell me your occupation?

“Where did that come from? Is that part of my medical condition or what?” I asked myself. Besides, what answer am I supposed to even give her.

As if she knew what I was thinking she said. “I just asked because I was wondering why gentleman like you would be in involved with such an angry mob.”


I ignored the question and pretended I hadn’t heard what she said. I told her everything that had happened and how I ended up here. She really felt sorry for me. Strangely enough, I didn’t like that Sheila was here. I wanted the doctor around instead of her. At least, the doctor had managed to help me get over Sheila in just this short while.

As that moment, I didn’t even know whether I was alive or not, I did my best to save the situation but it seemed like I couldn’t prevent the dream from coming true.

The next thing I saw was myself at the hospital with a doctor attending to me. I could feel pains all over my body and that made me very weak. I tried sitting up but the doctor didn’t allow me. It was a she. Her voice alone made me forget the pain I was in. It was very tiny and sweet. She wore a pair of glasses and her lips were so nice that she actually looked like a goddess.

If I had to be sick to get attended to by this cute doctor, then let it be so. Let me be sick forever.

She began pressing my chest all over to see if I was feeling any pain there.

“Do you feel any pain?” She asked as she pressed gently on my chest.

I didn’t even get what she was saying. My mind had drifted far away. I was more focused on her ethereal beauty than anything she was saying.

“Mr. Ben, please do you feel anything, can you hear me?” She asked.

As if I cared about how I felt! I checked the name on her name tag, she was Dr. Amina Simons. A well-blended mix of foreign and local names. Amina Simmons, how about Amina Esan? When I finally get the ring on her finger, she will definitely bear my name.

Hey! What the hell is wrong with me? Am I thinking of marrying her without even knowing her?

I asked the Doctor if I could make a call.

“I guess you want to get in touch with your family…” Dr. Simmons asked.

“Yeah, they need to know I’m here.” I said.

“Don’t worry, we have done that already, your phone is in our possession. We were able to reach the last person on your dialed list. I learnt she’s your sister, she is already on her way here.” Dr. Simmons said.

What a relief.  Now I had nothing really to bother about, half of my burden was gone. I then settled down to critically examine Dr. Amina Simmons in my mind. She paused at different times to write in my file as she continued to examine me. I observed her legs. Her calves were very fleshy and

Now I know the reason behind the adage that says “there is a reason behind everything.” If it weren’t for the mob beating, I wouldn’t have ended up in this hospital in the first place. I would still be fighting with Roland over my sister. A battle that had already been lost.

I know you are probably thinking that I am confused. Well it’s true, I am. But I still desperately need to get over my own sister and that’s exactly what this Doctor’s doing for me.

The day went so fast. I was spending the night at the hospital. Sheila was still around, taking care of me. My father on the other hand, didn’t know about my situation. Well, that was my idea. I didn’t want him to know before he opens his mouth and tells that Roland.

You Are Reading: The Story of My Life – Episode 14

I quickly snapped out of my reverie.

“Mr. Ben is everything alright?” She asked. She was getting worried that I was not answering her questions.

“Dr. Amina, I’m ok, I just feel some pains on my waist and back.” I answered.

She helped me turned around with my back facing her as she began examining my back and waist.  I felt her warm soft palms. It felt tender and good.

This is what I call proper health care. I didn’t see this in my dream, somehow everything had changed. But I was still worried about what really happened to Kelvin after I blacked out. I was also worried about Sheila. I knew she would be waiting for me and probably may be disappointed because I stood her up.


If he did, Roland will surely use this against me some day, I was so sure about that. As soon as Sheila left my ward to visit the ladies, my Doctor came in. She was looking corporate now. She had taken off her overall. Now I could see her curvy body very very well.

She came close to my bed as asked for Sheila’s whereabouts.

“She just stepped out for a moment.” I answered.

“Oh ok. Anyway, how are you doing?” She asked.

“Very well Doc, thanks to you.” I said.

“No thanks, I’m just doing my job. Anyway, tell your sister I was here.” She said and headed towards the exit of my ward.

Really? She came all the way to my ward just for my sister? No, I couldn’t believe this. If Moses would not go to the mountain, the mountain will surely find legs and come to Moses today. I won’t let this slip out of my hand. I needed to make a move.

I quickly called her back “Erm Doctor, can you please come for a second” I said.

She walked back towards my bed and stood right across me. And then the “Jon” thing happened to me again. I did not know what to say. I was just mute, like my lips had been sealed with glue. I didn’t know what to say or tell her.

You Are Reading: The Story of My Life – Episode 14

Now, when the silence became very awkward and uneasy, she couldn’t bear it anymore . She had to ask “Erm Ben, is there any problem. Do you need something?” She asked.

“Yes, sorry, can you get me a glass of water. Please?” I asked.

Seriously, was that the question that came out of my mouth? A glass of water from a doctor?  I must be insane.  Meanwhile, the glass of water was right beside my bed. It was so close, I could easily reach it with just a stretch of my hand.

“Ben, are you feeling some pains? She asked because she found it strange that I couldn’t just reach out and get the glass of water myself.

That was the moment Sheila came in again. This time around, I was glad she showed up. She actually saved me from embarrassing myself.

“Oh Doctor, you are here.” She said.

“Yeah, I was even looking for you, is it ok if we talk here?” Said Doctor Amina.

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