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The Story of my life 3 and 4

When he saw me seated at the dining table, I sensed that he was surprised. It had been ages since we actually saw. We practically hated each other so we didn’t even try to catch up on old times or exchange pleasantries.

All he did was greet, then he got himself seated very close Shela, trying to indirectly mark his territory. He had that look on his face that said “I have won her”. Well, indeed, I was jealous but I was also up for the challenge.

At that exact moment, I got a phone call from my uncle’s place. I excused myself to receive it, only to be told that my uncle had just passed away.

I was heartbroken. I never got to see him before he died. He was practically the only one I had, until today. Sheila noticed that I wasn’t myself anymore. Without informing anyone, I just left their house and headed straight for my uncle’s. Sheila saw me leave but decided to let me be. Besides, she didn’t feel comfortable with Roland around. She, however, came up with a story to cover for me.


his way over. As much as Sheila wasn’t cool with the idea, you could tell that she was playing along out of the respect for her father.

While going through the album, I came across this photo that brought memories of my mother’s brother who took care of me until I moved out. He had been asking me to come and visit him and I kept giving excuses, even though I honestly wanted to see him as well.

I just didn’t want to go there empty-handed; I wanted to buy some food stuff and provisions so he’d know how much I care about him. But I had no money. I keep telling myself to be strong and focused, that everything will be alright.

Sheila even noticed how I starred at her and laughed out loud. She stood up and invited me to join them for lunch. I didn’t hesitate at all considering how famished I was.

Before we could share the grace, Roland walked in. I was shocked. I immediately recognized him from school. Myself, Sheila and him were in the same school. You see, there are people you naturally hate as soon as you meet them. I hated Jojo like that.

He had doubled as Class prefect and Section leader back in school. Because we didn’t really get along, my name appeared in the “noisemakers” list all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, he always attached “DP”(double punishment) just to make my punishment worse.

He always got away with any and every thing and because he was my section leader too, he made me do very hard labor before he would sign off on my work.

And now, he had finally succeeded in marrying Sheila too.


I got distracted when this “hot –chick” that served as their maid came in to inform Sheila’s father that Lunch was ready. Lunch was ready? How on earth can you ever be hungry when this beautiful goddess works for you? No description I attempt will do her justice, she was simply beautiful.

Right there and then, I made an exception. I decided I wasn’t backing out. Sheila still remained my target, whether she was married to him or not. I won’t back out, never! Roland should prepare for me. The battle has just began. He should prepare for my dose of “Double Punishment”.

Right there and then, I made an exception. I decided I wasn’t backing out. Sheila still remained my target, whether she was married to him or not. I won’t back out, never! Roland should

I can settle for a widow but a married woman? “lai lai!”. It was better to be hunted by a dead husband’s ghost whilst still enjoying money than be with a married woman whose husband could just end your future in the twinkle of an eye.

Finally, we arrived at Sheila’s father’s house. I could feel my BP rise upon seeing the house. It looked like a presidential palace to me. I kept it cool because I didn’t want them to see how amazed I was at seeing the house. But my mouth couldn’t just shut up, I involuntarily shouted “Eeeish” as the main entrance gate automatically opened when Sheila’s father pressed a remote button. I found it amazing that even the doors were controlled by remotes. I wondered what was in stock for me inside the house.

Otherwise, I could have been very rich by now, with my own cars and even house. There was this one time I met this “Sugar Mummy”. Money was nothing to her, she was into oil business and trust me, she offered to pay and cater for all my needs if only I made her happy in bed. Who wouldn’t like that offer, right?

Even though she was older to enough to be my mother, she actually looked really pretty too. One thing I didn’t like, however, was the deep red lipstick she wore all the time.Men, that lipstick! If you were not careful, you would think it was a new version of traffic light being carried by human beings. Not only that, her lips were very thick, such that even if you were kilometers away from her, you would see the red lipstick shinning before you.

I sometimes wondered if she looked at herself in the mirror. Anyway, I was ready to play along and make some good money until she mentioned that she was married and her husband was in the states. I quickly backed out. ‘Married women’ is a no-go area for me. I prefer hustling round with prostitutes than being with a married woman.

prepare for me. The battle has just began. He should prepare for my dose of “Double Punishment”.

I kept asking myself how come she wasn’t wearing a ring.

For a moment, I wished I was actually put behind bars. It would have been better than discovering and living with the fact that Sheila was married.

Better still, they could just drop me off at my junction and let me be.

I started considering other options. Maybe Paula won’t be a bad idea. From the look of things, her relationship wasn’t really going well. I’ll just hang around as the guy that consoles her and who knows? I may eventually be able to use her weakness against her.

As for Sheila, me going out with her was just a dream that was never meant to be. Her being married meant she was under that “Padlock”, whether she wore a ring or not. That “Padlock” is a no go area for me.


Once we finally arrived at the house, we all got down and out of nowhere, this big fat bull dog came out hoping and jumping all over Sheila’s father. There was no way I could keep calm with that. It’s a bulldog we’re talking about here. I ran back into the car and quickly shut the door.

At least, that gave them something to laugh about. They laughed at me and got someone to take the bulldog away so I could come out of the car.

I was invited in and as soon as I sat, Sheila served me with a cold glass of orange juice. Then she he sat by me, and OH MY GOD! I could smell her sweet scented perfume. I wanted to kiss her that moment, but oblivious of the thoughts going through my head, she took this family album they kept and started going through the pictures with me.


“I don’t need him now” Those were the exact words I told my aunty. “What happened to uncle? He looked strong and healthy the last time I saw him, what really happened?” I asked her.

“He was fine until he complained of headache and then the next thing we knew, he was gone.

But he kept asking for you, he really wanted to see you.

“It was as if he had something to tell you in connection with your father. As a matter of fact, he gave me his number, so I could contact him. He is on his way here as I speak.” My aunt said.

“Honestly Aunty, I really don’t want to see him. I have nothing to say or do with him. If I was no good for him when my mother was alive, I won’t be any good to him now” I said.

“Ben, you need to listen to his side of the story first. At least….” My aunty started.

“Aunty, please I want to be left alone now. This is all too much for me to take in one day. Let’s just pray that God will grant him a resting place.” I said and left her there.

At this moment, the only person that came to my mind was Sheila. I didn’t tell her I was leaving so I decided to call her now to explain why I had to leave abruptly. Surprisingly, she  didn’t answer my calls. She just kept hanging up on me. I was so sure that Roland was behind that.

There came my aunty again.


Soon her father joined us in the living room. Apparently, he wanted to use this opportunity to work out the relationship issues between Sheila and her husband Roland who was already on To Roland, I was a coward. He actually thought I had left because of him. If only he knew what was in stock for him!

I arrived my uncle’s place to see sympathizers and family members gathered around mourning. Some family members who neglected him while he was alive, now crying their hearts out as if they really cared. The most annoying was my uncle’s neighbor who happened to be his best friend.

I remember one time my uncle was so broke that he asked him for a loan. The man deliberately refused. My uncle knew very well that he had the money but for whatever reason, he didn’t give him. Now that he was dead and gone forever, he volunteered to buy his coffin for the burial. Hypocrites!

is here.” She said.

“I don’t want to see him aunty, I don’t” I said.

“Ben, listen to me, after all these years your father has finally decided to show up, why won’t you just go and listen to him?” She said.

I nodded my head and she took me the yard where all the rest of the family gathered. I was surprised to see Sheila’s father standing there with his driver.

“That’s your father over there.” my aunty said, pointing in their direction.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Sheila’s father is actually my Dad?

Meanwhile, there was this aunty of mine who was there too. She was crying and all that. She hugged me tight, trying to console me. But what got my attention was when she said that the death of my uncle will at least give me the opportunity to unite with my father.

Apparently, my father and my uncle had been close friends ever before he got married to my mother. It was through my uncle that my father got involved with my mother. But as to why he disappeared even before I was born, only God knows.

Well, I don’t know what good it will do to me if he decides to show up now. He hasn’t been present my entire life and honestly, I prefer it stays that way. He wasn’t there to play the father role when I needed one and to be a good husband to my late mother.

Perhaps, my mother would have still been alive if he had been around. I remember how day in and day out, my mother kept hoping that one day he was going to show up and take up his responsibility. Sadly, that never happened. She really did love him though. There was no denying that.

“Ben, your father


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