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The Story of my life 5 and 6

Much as my father wanted to catch up with me and talk about what really went on with me and my mother, my only concern was Sheila.

“Does she know about this?” I asked my father.

“She knows she is meeting his brother today, she has no idea that you are the one. She is waiting in the car now.” My father said.

Without saying anything else, I left him and went straight to where the car was parked. I wanted to break the news to her myself. There she was, seated in the front seat, going through her phone. From the distance I could tell that she was eager to meet this mystery brother of hers.  I looked up to the sky and asked God for forgiveness, for the feelings I had for her before.

As I got close to the vehicle, she looked up and saw me. Immediately, she came of the car and stood right in front of me. I noticed the surprised look on her face. We just stood there, eye to eye, not saying a word. We just stood and starred at each other. All this while, her father was standing behind, looking at us.

It, however, didn’t change the way I felt about the man who was my father. I didn’t want him close to me. I blamed him for my mother’s death because my mother really loved him but never got a chance to be with him. And the fact that he was well-to-do made me angrier. What could have been his reason for not taking care of my mother and I? He’s rich, so there was no excuse.

Now I knew who he was, I just wanted to start things afresh with my step-sister Sheila. For three good years, I was in the same class with her and even sat with her without knowing that she was my sister. I just wanted to find her and bond with her as the sister I never had.

What I felt for her was actually much stronger now. It was more than the sensual chemistry between a man and a woman, it was the deep affection of a brother.

As I approached her, she asked

“Are you what I think you are?”

I couldn’t say anything. I just nodded my head. She took me by the hand and hugged me very tight. My eyes became teary, she held me so tight I could literally feel how much she needed me.



It was obvious now, no words could explain the way we both felt.

We just stood and starred at each other. All this while, her father was standing behind, looking at us.

It was obvious now, no words could explain the way we both felt.

Sheila broke the silence when she told me to come closer.

I didn’t hesitate; I kept looking at her as I moved towards her. Her father was still behind me, starring at us from the distance. Sheila was aware she was coming to meet her brother, the brother she never had to stand up for her.

Sheila was seated outside in the car waiting for his Dad. Apparently, she also knew about this child of her father’s that he was yet to meet. Sheila herself was eager to meet this step brother of hers. She needed someone who could get her back. She was at a stage in her life where she needed that brother figure, someone to at least protect her against Roland.

She had married Roland because of the good relationship her father had with Roland’s family, not really out of love.

Initially, it looked as if Roland really loved her. Until he began subjecting

Sheila was tired. She couldn’t bear all that anymore. The situation got worse when Roland started spending nights out and only recently, she discovered that he had impregnated some lady. Sheila got to know about it when in one moment of insecurity, she went through Roland’s text messages in his absence.

We sat down in class together and didn’t know we were related and the worse part for me was how I almost got intimately involved with my own “That’s your father over there.” my aunty said, pointing in their direction.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Sheila’s father is actually my Dad?

As my Aunty and I walked towards him, you could he was also very shocked. Nothing could have prepared us both for this.


That was the main reason she had needed someone to talk when she coincidentally ran into me.

Her father didn’t know what was really going on in their relationship and never bothered to find out. His only priority was keeping the marriage together so that the bond between him and Roland’s family would remain intact.

Sheila’s mother was in the United States and for whatever reason, hardly communicated with her own daughter.

When my mother conceived me, my father never knew about it until 4 months to my birth. I didn’t know why my mother kept it secret from him but as to why my father didn’t take responsibility when he found out, I was yet to know.

Sheila to physical abuse every time they had a misunderstanding.

As if that was not enough trauma, Sheila never had the luxury of good foreplay and lovemaking. Roland was simply not that type. Sex with him was selfish and aggressive. He paid no particular attention to what his partner is feeling. Whether she was in the mood or not, he usually came home drunk so Sheila was forced to have sex with him whenever he wanted it or she’d become a homemade punching bag.


I was shocked when my aunty introduced this man to me as my father. The first question that came out to my head was “Who is Sheila to me then?”

I guess I already knew the answer. She was my step sister.

But I had to feel like a “hardcore nigga” so I refused it severally. I wanted him to feel bad for not being there, rather than try to pay me off with his money.

Sheila intervened and guess what, I took the cheque “sharply”. I walked with my shoulders held high. For the first time in my life, I felt like a real man, I felt I was rich.

That was the moment I remembered my late uncle. Now that I had the money to buy him the provisions and things, he was nowhere to be found.

“Have you two met each other already?” My aunty asked, looking at the two of us.

Speaking of Roland… I left my uncle’s place in the company of my newly-found father and sister. I rode in the car with them. I was seated behind with Sheila while our dad sat in front with the driver. Sheila and I got talking and she told me about how she got married to Roland because of our father.

This news even worsened the situation. First of all, I couldn’t see myself forgiving my father for abandoning my mum and I; and now I’m finding out that Sheila was going through hell because of him.

It also made me hate Roland more, for treating my sister the way she described. I needed to do something, and fast too.

We needed to, at least, give our father good enough reason to stand up for his daughter Sheila, and forget his personal interest for once.

We decided to bring the lady whom Roland had secretly impregnated into the picture. Sheila still had her number, apparently she took it from Roland’s phone when she had accessed it to read his texts messages.

Sheila and I were going to meet up the next at my place and lure the lady into meeting us.

Soon we got my apartment and my father wrote me a cheque which I refused. I really needed the money though, it was N150,000. I could do a lot with that money.

I kept staring at my father standing right in front of me. My conscience was nagging me now; why would I even be attracted to my own sister?

blood sister. That was something I was going to be praying about for a long time, asking God for forgiveness.

Sheila and I talked and renewed our relationship. I was committed to being the big brother she never had now. I had a lot of making up to do.

After a long day, it was time for us to depart to our different houses.

I was still giving my father attitude. I wasn’t ready to forgive him for being away all this while. My only consolation now was my sister Sheila. But even that was something I had to resolve. I was in love with my sister and I had to get that out of my head.

I need to see her as my sister, not the girl who I wanted to steal from Roland.


I missed him already and somehow, I could feel his presence when I got to my room.

With all my mouth, I was afraid.  I thought, just like in most Nollywood movies, that he will pop up from the corner of my room and call out my name “Bennnnn”.

Just as these thoughts were going through my mind, the alarm on my phone rang. I didn’t immediately realize what it was, I shouted “Jesus!” and almost ran out of my room.

If just an alarm could scare the hell out of me, then you can guess how I spent the rest of night. I read meaning to every funny sound I heard, from squeaking sound of my door, to the standing fan that made a horrible noise when rotating. Anytime that fan rotated, it felt like it was going to fall off.

The next thing that got me so scared that I jumped onto my bed and covered my head with the pillow was when I was plugging in my phone charger. The thing made a sparking sound and I thought that was my end.

But I settled into bed and soon got distracted when thoughts of Sheila came into my mind. I mean, how can I even be in love with my own sister? That’s a big abomination. It’s not right. I really have to find a way to deal with that.

I started making plans for N150,000 cheque. The first thing I intended to do was to pay off my utility bills so that my landlord could leave me peace.

Before I could get some decent sleep, it was already 7:00am. I was meeting Sheila by 8:30am so I had no option than to prepare get out of bed and get ready. I took a quick bath and left home a few minutes past 8’0 clock.

I arrived the venue of our rendezvous and to my surprise, Sheila had beaten me to it. She was already there and waiting. That showed how important this meant to her.

I hugged her fondly and immediately asked her to make the phone call to this lady who Roland had impregnated. We planned to meet her today to know what was really happening.

Sheila quickly made the call.



Sheila: “Hello”

Lady: “Hi, who is on the line?”

Sheila: “Oh, my name is Yvonne, Roland’s sister”

Lady: “Roland, never told me about her sister”

Sheila: “I know my dear, I personally told him not to. I was happy when he told me he was finally going to settle down with you. I took your number so we can meet and get to know each other very well.”

Lady: “Oh, ok. I would love that. So, when are you thinking of having this meeting”

Sheila: “I’m actually in town now, on Presbyterian road. Maybe you can tell me where you are and I will drive up to meet you, if you are free.”

Lady: “Presbyterian road, I’m even around there. I came to meet someone up. Give me your exact location and I’ll be there in five minutes.”

That was easy; Sheila gave her our location. She assured us she was coming so we patiently waited for her.

Within eight minutes, Sheila’s phone rang again, the lady had arrived.

We alighted from Sheila’s car and there stood Paula. Paula was pregnant for Roland.

The same girl I had been crushing on. Paula, the very same girl who saw me as a counselor and nothing else.


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