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The Story of my life 7 and 8

But I was glad he had come at the right time. In time to stop me from messing up and proposing to my own sister.

For all I knew, Roland could have been stalking me ever since he met me at my father’s house. He knew I couldn’t be trusted around Sheila. And he was right, to an extent.

I now had some influence in this marriage of theirs. And the fact that he also impregnated my crush gave me some leverage.

When Roland entered my room and saw Sheila there, he went berserk.

“I thought as much! You are such a useless harlot, sleeping with any guy you see around” Roland started.

Sheila was stunned but since she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong, she just stayed calm and listened to the words spewing out of her husband’s mouth.

He actually thought we were having an affair.  So his intention for coming to my house was to warn me to stay away from his wife.

He was still not aware that I was Sheila’s brother and that he would have to treat me like a friend rather than the enemies we are.


“I’m sure you’re joking, we just found out we are related and there you are telling me you love me.” She said.

She looked furious, I had to quickly think up something to say to cover up my goof.

“Hey don’t take it wrongly, I love you like a brother loves a sister” I lied.

Like was the case every time I had a visitor, someone knocked on my door just then. This knock actually came at the right time. I was saved by the bell.

I ran to the door to check who it was only to find Roland at my doorstep.

I wondered who showed him the way to my house. I definitely didn’t want him here.


But I didn’t have the guts to even slay a chicken, talk more fight a man. Besides, Roland was a heavily built guy who was way taller than me. Taking him on will be attempting suicide; he was going to end up beating the hell out of me in my own house. I dare not try.

The only option I had was my mouth. I decided to also use my words against him.

I did the same. I just stood there and watched Roland mess himself up.

He kept raining insults on Sheila as if he had actually seen us having sex.

“I can’t believe you even fell for such a lowlife! A man that can’t even take care of himself, look at this shitty apartment he calls it home.” Roland continued.

That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore. He had no right to come to my house and talk to me like that.

Girls, Girls.. Always reading meaning into things! How did she actually look at you? From a different eye ball or what?

Paula was also surprised to see us. She never knew I had a sister. After spending several hours with her, we got to know that Roland was really responsible for the pregnancy.

With the chat records and intimate pictures that Paula showed us, Roland had nothing else to hide. Sheila was very sure that her father will allow divorce in the light of the evidence.


I could virtually feel the blood rushing through my veins and I could hear my heart beating fast. I became furious, I wanted to pounce on him and use my fist to decorate his face.


For a moment, I felt like he had gotten away with everything but I quickly realized that this could actually be my opportunity to turn things against him.

“Is that not the same lady that met me at your place the other time?” Sheila asked.

She immediately recognized Paula.

“From the way she looked at me, I thought she was your girlfriend?” She continued.

We fixed a meeting with Paula for the following day with the intention of inviting my father and Roland without him knowing.

Sheila and I got back to my single room where we settled down and tried catching up on old times. For a moment, I forget she was my sister. I concentrated on her full and tempting lips as she talked. It was so beautiful. I would have kissed her if I had the chance.


What was actually happening to me? I was still finding it difficult to see Sheila as my sister. What’s coming over me?

The more she talked, the more I kept thinking of how to deal with my feelings. Because she already saw me as a brother, she had no issues sitting close to me and touching me as she talked.


Paula was pregnant for Roland. The same girl I had been crushing on.

Paula, the very same girl who saw me as a counselor and nothing else.

So it meant Roland was the man behind all her complains all along. He does the dirty job and I do the cleaning up. Somehow, it seemed Roland was in my way all the time. From school days till now. He was able to marry my sister, who I happen to love and has now impregnated my number one crush, Paula.


That was a problem for me. I kept shifting away but she kept coming close, completely oblivious to my discomfort.

I don’t know what came over me. Right in the middle of a conversation, when I couldn’t control myself any longer, I blew the horn.

“Sheila, I love you” I said.

That was enough to break the conversation. She was stunned and you could tell that she was trying to process what I had just said. She was quiet and speechless.

Sheila finally stood up, looked at me and said

“Hey! You better watch your mouth, you have no idea what you are talking about.” I uttered angrily.

Surprisingly, Sheila just sat there and watched on as if nothing was happening. In fact, she looked like she was enjoying the drama. We had a plan and what Roland was doing now was only making matters worse for him.

“You can’t even defend yourself because you have nothing to say!” Roland said.

“Sheila, wait till your father hears what’s actually going on with you two” He continued

Sheila smiled as Roland angrily left my room, banging the door behind him.

“Sheila, wait till your father hears what’s actually going on with you two” He continued

Sheila smiled as Roland angrily left my room, banging the door behind him.

“Ben, I’m very sorry about what happened” Sheila said.

“Oh don’t worry, you know we got this worked out already.” I said.

“I have to go now, don’t forget to be on time. Paula will be there as early as 7am” She said as I went to see her off.

Paula was to meet us at our father’s house. Roland and our father would have been there by then.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how Roland was going to react when we finally showed up with Paula. I slept late that night and woke up very early the next morning. I took a quick shower and set off to my father’s house.

As soon as I stepped out of my door, I saw Kelvin, a very close friend of mine and a neighbor as well. He was like a real brother, helping me in difficult times. Apparently, he was really upset that morning and was on his way to see someone who owed him a lot of money.

He asked me to accompany him. I initially refused but he insisted and I had no option than to go since it was going to be a quick one. Well, I also felt I owed him a favor.

Upon reaching there, it was a different story all together. Their conversation got heated up and when I got in the way to try and separate them, Kelvin angrily pushed me so hard that both the guy who was owing Kelvin and myself fell to the ground. The next thing I saw was blood running down the guy’s neck.

That was the moment the police came in and took my body away. I followed them, even though they couldn’t see me as well. I was literally following my body, as they rushed it to a nearby hospital.

The situation there was the same. All the nurses, patients and everyone present didn’t even notice me. They took my body to a ward where about 3 nurses attended to me. All this while I was watching from a distance, not knowing what the hell was going on.


He just laid there motionless. I stood up and to my greatest surprise, Kelvin had already taken off. I called the guy several times, no response. This got the attention of the neighbors who all came in to me and the guy.

The picture wasn’t a good one, it looked like the guy was dead.

Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into? The next thing I heard was a big bang on my face, someone had just landed a fist blow on my face. Suddenly, the crowd was on me, beating the hell out of me.

My voice got faint and all I saw was blood all over me. I couldn’t count the people there, neither did I recognize any of them.

Somehow, she felt something was wrong. Her instincts told her this wasn’t a case of me blowing her off.

Roland had not yet arrived to meet with Sheila’s father. Sheila, however, was not even bothered whether Roland showed up or not. All she needed was for me to show up so she’ll stop feeling weird about my whereabouts and shake off this thing that didn’t allow her feel at ease.

Sheila began shaking, like she knew what was actually happening. She felt very helpless and her unease soon became obvious to Paula who was also sitting close by.

“Are you ok Sheila, is something wrong? Paula asked.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Sheila said.

She stood up anxiously and started pacing tup and down the room. She then went to check through the windows to see if I was coming.

“Sheila, I know I’m the last person you’d want to confide in but you’re really making me nervous. Please what’s wrong? Why do you look so worried?” Paula asked when she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“You know Ben wass supposed to be here even before you arrived. I know he is a man of his word and he wouldn’t disappoint me for any reason. Honestly, I feel there is something wrong. I need to do something.” Sheila said, opening up to Paula.

A very strange thing happened after I blacked out. I saw myself standing right beside my body. I didn’t know what had happened. I could see my motionless body lying down in a pool of blood. However, nobody could see me standing there, all they saw was my motionless body.

What was happening, why can’t people see me or even hear me? I tried holding my body which was lying on the floor but I couldn’t. Just like air, my hand passed through my body.

A doctor came in, ran some checks on me and then covered my whole body with cloth. That was when I noticed that I was dead.

“Have you tried reaching him on his cell?” Paula asked.

“Yes. Initially there was no answer but now his phone is switched off. That’s even what’s making me feel more worried” Sheila said.

“Let me also try calling him to see if it will go through, you know how our networks can mess up. Let me try” Paula said.

She picked her phone from her handbag to call me. She tried several times but it was the same story. They couldn’t reach me. Sheila was freaking out at this point.

They kept beating me and I tried to run for my life but my legs couldn’t carry me. I fell down again and this time, I didn’t see anything again. I blacked out. The rest was history.

Meanwhile, Sheila kept trying to calling my phone but no answer. After several attempts, the phone went off. Paula by then had already met Sheila and was waiting for me to show up. Sheila needed me there more than anything else that morning.




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