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The Story of my life 9 and 10


Another strange thing, he was able to see me. He began screaming and running away from me. I wanted to confront him, not to do him any harm. The more I tried getting close to him the more he ran away from me. Until eventually, he ran out of his room.

Maybe this was not the right time for me to do the confrontation. My lifeless body was being arranged to be placed in the morgue. However the doctor needed to contact a family member of mine before doing that. He took my phone which was earlier had been from my pocket and decided to call the last person I spoke to before I died.

It was Sheila. The Doctor talked with her briefly.

“Good day madam” said the Doctor.

To her, she had left me with Roland, probably thinking I would confront him over Paula’s matter. Roland on the other hand just sat on the sofa and switched on the TV to relax himself as he waited. At that moment, I wished I could snatch the remote control from him and slap him with it.

Instead, I watched as he sat comfortably, watching television. Again, the reality of being dead came back to me. Why should I be dead in the first place? Then Kelvin came to mind.  My supposed friend/neighbor who had dragged me along with him. He actually was the one who caused my death. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been alive now and would have been able to kick this idiot Roland out of Sheila’s life for good.

I really should be confronting Kelvin and not Roland. As I thought about confronting him, it was like a switch went off and suddenly, I found myself standing right in Kelvin’s house, where he was sitting on his bed with his whole body shaking.

It suddenly occurred to me as I stood there that while  Sheila could see me,  Roland couldn’t. Hmmmmm, This was indeed the beginning of my life after death mission on earth where I would  be faced with realities and superstitions.

It suddenly occurred to me as I stood there that while  Sheila could see me,  Roland couldn’t. Hmmmmm, This was indeed the beginning of my life after death mission on earth where I would  be faced with realities and superstitions.

Sheila thought it was just Roland and his usual disregard for me. She  ignored the question and walked out on both of us.

“Good day sir, how may I help you?” Sheila asked.

“Well, I am from Amazing Grace Regional Hospital. Can you please come by for a moment? We got your number from one Mr. Ben’s phone.” The Doctor said.

“Sir, I know him, is anything the problem?” Sheila asked.

“Come by the hospital, then we can talk about it” the Doctor said.

“I will be there right away Doc.” Sheila said.

She quickly got cleaned up and headed for the hospital. Meanwhile, I was just standing by and looking at my dead body. The more I looked at it, the more tears came down my eyes.

Sheila came in and was directed to the doctor’s office. After explaining a few things to her, the Doctor broke the news of my death. She couldn’t believe it because she had seen me just about an hour ago, yet the Doctor claimed I had been dead for more than 3 hours now.

To confirm, she came to see my body at the ward. I was also standing by but I stayed out of sight. She came in with the doctor and saw my body right there. This time around, she didn’t even see that I was standing close by. She fainted immediately she saw my dead body on the hospital bed.

I didn’t even have the opportunity to say goodbye to my Sheila, the one I loved so much, my sister. I couldn’t stand up for her as a brother should have. When that moment came, I went away with Kelvin and now, I couldn’t  be counted among the living.  She couldn’t  continue to be handled in the way and manner Roland was treating her.

If only I had known that this was going to be my last moment on earth, I would have made things right. And now there she is at home expecting me to show up, and here I am, dead with my spirit telling you The Story of My Life.

I decided to see her one more time, to see her beautiful face and even if she couldn’t  hear or see me, at least I could say goodbye. Within the blink of an eye, I was already within their house compound . Amazing, all I had to do was to think of seeing her, and in less time it takes to snap one’s fingers, i was there.

A doctor came in, ran some checks on me and then covered my entire body with a white sheet. That was when it occurred to me that I was dead.

Yes, I was dead. That explained why people couldn’t notice me, because I now existed in  the spirit world where the dead couldn’t  speak to the living but only to those who really matter to them. It was too late. I saw my lifeless body on the hospital bed and tears came down from eyes.

I died for no reason, I shouldn’t have followed Kelvin in the first place, I would have been alive by now. But what bothered me was why my spirit still existed in the living world. If no one could hear or see me, why then am i still here?


I got to their compound and headed straight to their living door, that was when I saw her seated on one of the sofa with her face buried in her arms full of disappointment.

Surprisingly, as she raised her head up, she saw me.

“Ben, really, how could you do this to me? you could have at least called me to tell me that you would be running late” Sheila said.

I couldn’t believe it. Sheila could actually see me.

I started looking at myself closely to see  if there had been any recent changes but everything looked as normal as before.

“Can you really see me? I asked.

“Ben, are you sick or something, why is your palm so cold and your voice, it’s as if you  are talking from your nose, Do you have a cold? She asked.

I had no option than to play along, how on earth was I to tell her that I was dead or something.  This is totally crazy. I had no option. I just didn’t know what to do.

The next thing I heard was Roland’s voice from behind me.

“Sheila, who have you been talking to all this while? Roland asked.

I heard someone banging a door from a distance and it was very noisy. All of a sudden, I woke up; on my bed, in my room.

It was all a dream. I woke up sweating and my bed all wet. I was so scared I began touching my body to see if I was really alive.

Indeed, I am alive and I’m grateful for that.

The banging of the door was, however, not a dream; it was real. I stood up to check who it was and there was Kelvin from my dreams. He wanted me to go with him to see a friend who owed him, just the way I dreamt it. What should I do? Shouldn’t I take precaution because of the dream I just had?

I just stood there not knowing the answer to give him.

As scared as I was when I woke up, I felt it was just a dream. But Kelvin’s presence  at my house on the same mission and wearing the same attire, just like I saw in my dreams, put me in a dilema.

I really didn’t want to go but I just couldn’t also say no to him. What if he eventually starts asking for his money and I can’t pay him? The cheque I was given by my dad came to mind and that gave me some relief, I could actually say no and easily get enough money to pay him off if he asked.

“Kelvin, I can’t go with you, I really have to be on my way for an urgent meeting.” I said.

“Urgent meeting? I came to meet you lying comfortably in your bed. It doesn’t seem like you have anywhere going.” Kelvin insisted.

He was bent on me going with him. It was Sheila’s call at that moment that saved me.

She called me right in Kelvin’s presence and asked me if I was already on my way to her place.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

I hung up and told Kelvin I had to run, to keep my appointment.

When he said ok and told me he was going, I decided to see him off.


Sheila looked surprised at this question. She reacted as if  I was mocking her. Not only could she see me, she could actually hear me as well.

“Ben, what kind of question is that, are you mocking me or what?  Guess what, Paula just left here. You have done so well showing up so late. How could you Ben, How could you?” Sheila said.

“Erm Sheila, I ….I… I can explain” I said without having any idea of what to say.

She got angry and tried to walk out on me. I couldn’t bear to see her sad that way. I tried stopping her by holding her hands. She looked at me strangely as she noticed something different about me.

Apart from the fact that I had dreamt about this whole thing, nothing really had changed. I was still supposed to meet with Paula and Sheila as planned and I knew that Sheila was most likely already waiting for me to show up.


Kelvin however kept demanding that I should join him. I really owed the guy a lot. I felt that his request was peanuts compared to what I owed him. It was just peanuts and it was the least I could do for him now that he needed me. Again, what excuse will I give him? That I had a dream “blab la bla” or I should tell him, “I’m on my way out?”




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